Updating Government Services Asset Inventory


Requests to make changes to the GS Inventory will come through help desk tickets or, in some cases, through emails from other techs. In order to process these updates, please follow the process below.

Open the HGMS (Highland Unity Client) Icon from the desktop.

Once open, click the OnBase circle in the upper left hand corner.

This will open a small window so you can choose what you want to access

Go to Applications; select Project Inventory (see arrow above).

Click on Asset List (see arrow above), it will open the list below.

In order to check/update inventory, you can search for the asset you want to view by using one of the boxes at the top. If you have the Serial/Tag Number, this is a good way to search for the asset you are looking for.

In the box below Serial/Tag No, type in part of the serial number or the whole serial number (see arrow above). If you type in the whole number, the asset you are looking for will come up. If you type in a part of it, anything with the letters/numbers typed in will come up. See both ways below.

Above is an example with part of the serial number. This will bring up all assets that have the letters/numbers that you typed.

Above is an example with the whole serial number. This will bring up just the asset with that number.

Once you have the asset in view that you want to update, highlight it and double click.

A box will pop up with the details related to the asset.

To change information with regards to the asset, you can click on the magnifying glass or the drop down arrow next to the boxes (if there is one). Here you can find the information, such as the new user, and select it to make the change.

If you need to add a note to the journal, you will want to click on the icon that looks like a sun. (See arrow below).

This will bring up the box below. Click on the drop down arrow next to Journal Type and choose what type of journal you are adding. In the Journal box below, you can add any notes you would like to have appear on the asset information screen. Click Save & Close at the top when you are finished.

After you have saved the changes you make on the journal screen, it will take you back to the screen with the asset information on it. Once all the changes that you need to make are complete for the asset information, click save and close at the top of the screen. This will save the changes that you have made. This will also take you back to the asset list screen so you can continue with any other changes you might have.

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