Full Potential / Initial Goals - Recovery of information from browser

When the client machine is cut off from the server or when the browser is closed before a "save" action is successfully completed, the user will lose the data they just entered on the FPA. This is caused by the fact that the browser does not have any auto save feature like MS Word innately. An "auto save" feature has been built into the FPA system for textboxes so that every key stroke is stored on the local machine.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Pre-requisite:
    1. Must be logged in using the credential of the user and the machine that lost the data
    2. Must be connected to the Internet
  2.  Steps:
    1.  For Initial Goals (Metastorm) version, go to http://janpbpm01/GoalSetting/v2/Recovery.html. For Mid-Year or Annual (.Net), go to:http://webapps.horne-llp.com/AnnualReview/Admin/Recover
    2. Based on the title of the fields, look for the data that the user wanted to recover
    3.  Copy and paste the data into a word processor (notepad or MS Word)
    4.  Copy back the data to the fields on the Full Potential form

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