Creating and Sending the Help Desk Daily Ticket Report


In the mornings, you will need to send the Open Ticket Report to the other members of the IT Team. You will do this by going into BigWebApps and clicking the Reports tab at the top. See screen shot below.

The below screen shot shows what comes up once you click the reports tab. In this list you will click on the Custom Report Builder.

Once in the custom report screen, you will want to scroll down to the folder marked SA and click on the report titled Government Services Open Tickets.




Below is the screen shot of how the report will look when it is first opened. You will want to click on the green excel button on the top of the screen (indicated with red box around it) in order to put the report into a format where you can make changes to it and email it to the group.

The box below will pop up. You will want to click on the box that says open.

Your excel window will open and the box below will pop up. You will want to click yes on this box.



This will open up the excel spreadsheet. At the top of the spreadsheet you will see the message below. You will want to click on the box that says Enable Editing.

Below is what the report will look like. You can now make any changes you need to make which is really not many. I take out the Government Services Order Request queue before I send it.

Once you have made all the changes to the report, you will need to save it. I save it on my desk top and call it HelpDesk – Daily Open Ticket Report. See screen shot below. I rename it the same thing every day because I delete the previous days report each morning.


When you try to save the report, you will get the pop up message below. You will click the yes button.










Below is a screen shot where you can see the report saved on your desktop. It is the HelpDesk on the left hand side.

Once you have saved the report, you will need to email it to the GS-IT group. Below is a screen shot of what the email will need to look like. You don’t have to use the exact wording that is here. Something similar is fine. There is a group set up for GS-IT. You can find it in the address book. Make sure you remember to attach the report to the email.

If you get any emails back from the team asking you to reassign a ticket, you can search for that ticket number in the BigWebApps system and reassign it as necessary. See screen shot below.

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