Wiping Old Laptops for Donation


We have laptops that come back to us that need to be wiped for donation. Below are the procedures to wipe the laptop.

Plug the laptop in and turn it on. You will want to keep a power cord at your desk. You will have a disc that is used to wipe the laptops. Once the computer is on, if there is a Disc drive that is a part of the laptop, open it and insert the wiping disc. If the laptop does not have a drive, plug in the portable drive we have into the USB port on the laptop. You will sometimes need to use the portable drive as some of the laptops will not recognize the drive attached to the laptop.

Once you have put the disc in, you either need to press Ctl+Alt+Delete to get the computer back to the Dell screen or turn the laptop off and back on. Once you turn it back on, as soon as the Dell logo pops up on the screen, you will want to hit the F12 key. This brings up a one-time boot menu that you will use to continue the process.

Once the boot screen comes up, arrow to the CD/DVD line and select it and hit enter. This will bring up a blue screen with several options. You want to hit enter on this screen.

This will load the screen that you will need to set the laptop up to be wiped. It sometimes takes a little while to load so be patient. The screen will come up and across the top it will say Darik’s Boot and Nuke 2.3.0. When you see this screen, the first thing you will do is hit the space bar. This will put the word “wipe” in between the parentheses (). Next, you will hit M for Method. This will bring up a list of options. You want to arrow down to the option that says DoD 5220.22-M. Hit the space bar to select this method. Next, you will hit the F10 key to start the wiping process. This will start automatically once you hit the F10 key. Then you wait until the laptop is wiped before doing the next step. This can take several hours.

Once the laptop is wiped, you will need to update the GS Inventory as well as add the laptop information to the Donated Computer Hard Drive Wipe List spreadsheet. Below is the link to get to the spreadsheet.


Below is the link to get to the GS Inventory Update instructions.

Q:\GS\GS IT\GS IT Procedures

Once the laptop has been wiped and the inventory and spreadsheet have been updated, you can set the laptop aside to be donated at a later date.

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