CCH ProSystem Fx Tax Printing Configuration

1. Verify all HORNElink (Citrix) applications are closed.
2. Verify default printer on local.
3. Launch Tax Preparation
4. Log-in to CCH and open a tax return.
5. File, Printer Setup
 - Select Radio button for Windows defualt printer (It should match their local default)
 - Check the box for Utlize True Type fonts for print processing
 - Label printer - Select Radio button for Windows default printer (It should match their local default)
 - Click OK
 - Message "Your selected printer and printer options will remain saved for this workstation until changed."
 - Click OK
6. File, Print, This Page.
 - Message "The return data has changed since the last calculation. Do you want to continue without calculating?"
 - Click Yes.
 - Confirm the print job routed to correct printer and the fonts look correct. The preparer or reviewer will confirm this for you.
 - If the print job, prints correctly skip to 7. If not we need to look at step 5. again.
7. File,  Close Return.
8. Close the search screen.
9. File, Exit. Confirm CCH Tax Prep session closed from CMC and/or local Citrix Connection Center.
10. Launch CCH Tax Preparation and confirm print settings have saved.

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